Covering the Entire COVID-19 Care Pathway

Surgisphere has developed four decision support tools intended to be used by healthcare professionals at the front lines. These tools encompass the entire COVID-19 care pathway, starting when the patient first enters the hospital to resolution. These data-driven tools are supported by Surgisphere's real time global healthcare network and have been validated. Learn more about these tools below.

COVID-19 Triage Decision Support Tool

This rapid triage decision support tool classifies patients into Critical, Urgent, and Routine during the initial evaluation process. This tool was created in collaboration with international public health experts.

COVID-19 Severity Scoring Tool

This severity scoring tool is used to determine the risk of escalation of care once a patient is admitted to the hospital. The tool ranks severity as Critical (ICU care and/or mechanical ventilation), Severe (supportive care with oxygen), and Moderate or Mild (limited supportive care and monitoring). This tool was created in collaboration with international public health experts.

COVID-19 Diagnosis Decision Support Tool

The diagnosis decision support tool uses common clinical symptoms and lab tests to determine the likelihood of a patient having COVID-19 infection. This test does not rely upon PCR and can provide clinical guidance in under an hour. As a highly sensitive screening test, this tool can help classify patients who are likely to have COVID-19 infection and thus improve the utility and efficacy of more formal confirmatory tests.

COVID-19 Mortality Risk Calculator

Using data on thousands of COVID-19 patients, this tool calculates the risk of mortality based off a patient's age and comorbidities. This tool is intended to help determine a quick estimate on risk exposure.

COVID-19 Response Center

Surgisphere has developed resources for patients, physicians, hospitals, and public health authorities to combat the spread of COVID-19. These tools are validated and built upon data collected from our real-time global research network.