COVID-19 Response Center

Surgisphere has developed resources for patients, physicians, hospitals, and public health authorities to combat the spread of COVID-19. These tools are validated and built upon data collected from our real-time global research network.

COVID-19 Tools

COVID-19 Triage Decision Support Tool
COVID-19 Severity Scoring Tool
COVID-19 Diagnosis Decision Support Tool
COVID-19 Mortality Risk Calculator

COVID-19 Triage Tool

With access to data on more than 10,000 COVID-19 positive patients through its real time global research network, Surgisphere has developed a rapid triage tool for use by front-line healthcare professionals. Machine learning combined with detailed data on these patients was used to determine the risk of severe disease progression.

Healthcare professionals answer some specific questions related to a patient’s comorbidities, measure several vital signs, and complete straightforward physical exam maneuvers. Entering the data into this app takes less than 60 seconds, and the results are immediate. Healthcare professionals will be able to leverage real time data to better prioritize the urgency of healthcare delivery.

This blurb was written on Wednesday, March 18, 2020. Based off current projections, it is expected that many hospitals around the world will be overwhelmed by patients requiring urgent medical attention. This tool is being made available now to support healthcare professionals at the front lines deliver higher quality care and prioritize care to those patients who require immediate attention.

This tool was developed in conjunction with international public health experts. A scientific manuscript has been submitted for rapid review and publication to a leading medical journal.

COVID-19 Triage Decision Support Tool

COVID-19 Severity Score

In conjunction with international public health experts and input from public health authorities, Surgisphere has developed a COVID-19 Severity Score. This decision support tool assists physicians in properly classifying patients who require escalation of care once they are evaluated in the ER. The severity score has one of three classifications:

  • Critical – Consider intensive care and/or mechanical ventilation. Assess immediately and monitor.
  • Severe – Severe symptoms that likely need oxygen and further treatment.
  • Moderate or Mild – Limited supportive care may be necessary.

The severity scoring tool is presently in clinical use through our partnership with various international public health authorities and NGOs. The tool is intended to be used on a smartphone and has been clinically validated.

COVID-19 Severity Scoring Tool

COVID-19 Rapid Diagnosis

To aid in the accurate and rapid diagnosis of COVID-19 cases, we have developed a COVID-19 diagnosis decision support tool. By utilizing common clinical symptoms and readily available lab tests and imaging studies, this tool can help healthcare practitioners determine the likelihood, within a high degree of accuracy, of having COVID-19.

The decision support tool uses data from our real-time global research network and industry leading machine learning tools to help predict the likelihood that a patient has COVID-19. All data comes from the Surgical Outcomes Collaborative. In order for this tool to be effective, it is necessary for the user to have a high pretest clinical suspicion for a respiratory infection or exposure to the disease. For patients who meet these qualifications, this tool can provide incredibly accurate estimates of the likelihood of COVID-19 infection. This empowers the physician with important information so they can make the best decisions, get tested or screened if results indicate a need, and get medical attention quickly. Using this technology can help healthcare professionals and organizations gather data necessary to catch cases of COVID-19 sooner rather than later, helping to slow the spread of this unprecedented illness.

COVID-19 Diagnosis Decision Support Tool

COVID-19 Mortality Risk

On March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) officially labeled the COVID-19 disease a pandemic. Over the last several months, the novel coronavirus that causes this disease has been spreading rapidly throughout the world after originating in Wuhan, China. While we have learned a great deal about the disease and the virus that causes it, there is still a lot more we need to know in order to effectively deal with the situation and return to a sense of normalcy.

Both the healthcare community and the public at large are greatly concerned about the spread of COVID-19, and rightly so. However, increasing levels of panic have also created new and often dangerous situations that can, if prolonged, exacerbate the ongoing health crisis. Knowledge is power. In an attempt to provide as much information and decision-making power as possible, we have developed tools to help both healthcare professionals and the general public access as much information as possible regarding diagnostic decisions and risk assessment.

COVID-19 Mortality Risk Calculator

The COVID-19 Mortality Risk Calculator helps physicians assess which patients are likely to need the most intensive care. This helps them allocate resources effectively and save more lives.

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