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Surgisphere partnered with the African Federation of Emergency Medicine and International Federation of Emergency Medicine to to develop a severity scoring tool for patients diagnosed with Covid-19. Intended to be used in low resource settings, this tool correctly triages patients with Covid-19 and identifies their risk of requiring additional healthcare resources such as supplemental oxygen, antibiotics, and mechanical ventilation. A paper has been submitted for scientific review and publication that describes the overall accuracy and validity of the tool.

Dr. Lee Wallis, head of Emergency Medicine for Cape Town, South Africa and former president of AFEM and IFEM, has written an editorial in the African Journal of Emergency Medicine describing this tool and the early impact it has had on patient care. This tool has since been rolled out at over a thousand hospitals throughout the African Federation, with tens of thousands of front line healthcare professionals using it as part of their daily practice on six continents.

Learn more here on PubMed

Download the Editorial here.


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