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A high-volume heart hospital in India was challenged with maintaining access to quality care for an affordable cost. Rising costs decreased availability of essential care to a vulnerable population. An effective performance improvement solution was necessary to grow volume and profitability.

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With over 150 million detailed patient encounters, supply chain data, and financial performance information, Surgisphere partnered with this heart hospital to provide:

  • Detailed clinical benchmarks to improve the efficiency of surgical operations,
  • Insight into supply chain data to optimize supplier choices and decrease costs, and
  • Machine learning tools to improve patient throughput and achieve a lower length of stay following surgery.


A 17% decrease in direct cost of care for every coronary artery bypass graft procedure was achieved, leading to a dramatic impact on affordability for patients. Throughout 2019, there was an 11% increase in surgical volume through higher demand and improved capacity. This collaboration led to a direct beneficial impact on every key stakeholder – patients, providers, and the hospital. This solution was particularly important given that less than half of the patients treated at this hospital had access to health insurance. Profitability was increased by 8% and maintained using a lean six sigma performance improvement plan.

Decrease in Direct Cost of Care for CABG
Increase in Surgical Volume
Increase in Contribution Margin


The business intelligence tools provided by Surgisphere proved to be instrumental in gaining insight into healthcare operations. Both the tools and system integration into the analytics platform were provided for no charge. Access to a team of lean six sigma performance improvement experts was provided for a very nominal charge – effectively covering travel, room and board, and housing. This hospital now serves as a standard for effective change management and performance improvement in India.

Join us today to achieve a similar transformation in healthcare delivery for no upfront costs.


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