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Physicians at the NHS in Scotland identified critical issues leading to high rates of complications and infections after surgery. These problems were contributing to avoidable hospital readmissions, increased length of stay, and higher cost of care. A data-driven solution was urgently needed to improve healthcare quality and decrease costs.

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Surgisphere partnered with leaders at the NHS to utilize big data and machine learning to:

  • Establish protocols to standardize care,
  • Develop cost effective surveillance to decrease complications after surgery, and
  • Streamline supplier management to improve cost and quality of implants and devices.


Decreasing variation in healthcare delivery combined with a more cost-effective supply chain management led to a 14% decrease in post-surgical complications and infections. This avoided hundreds of unnecessary hospitalizations, enabling this Glasgow hospital to deliver higher quality healthcare at a more affordable cost. Benchmarks and machine learning helped translate this into a 9% decrease in readmissions and an 12% decrease in costs for some patients. A lean six sigma performance improvement program now helps to maintain those gains.

Decrease in Post-Surgical Complications and Infections
Decrease in Readmissions
Decrease in Costs


The NHS and Surgisphere collaborated to share data, develop clinical management protocols, and implement best practices over the course of a few months. There was no charge for access to the business intelligence tools provided by Surgisphere. This endeavor led to a significant ROI for patients, physicians, hospitals, and the NHS.

Join thousands of other healthcare facilities already delivering higher quality care for a lower cost using big data and machine learning.


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